Student Directed Piano Lessons for All Ages

If you're interested in piano lessons for yourself or your kids and you've never had music lessons before, you've come to the right place.

I teach piano at my house on the North Side of Ann Arbor, cross streets: Pontiac Trail and Argo Drive.

My Piano Teaching Philosophy

  • I believe my primary job as a teacher is to help my students achieve their musical goals. If their primary goal is play pop music for friends I'll help them get there. If they want to one day play Chopin fantasies I'll help them get there. Also I encourage my students to choose what topics to work on at lessons.
  • I also try to give my students a broad piano and general musical skill-set including accompaniment, playing off a lead-sheet, and sight reading. This is stuff I think all pianists should know.
  • I also teach sight-singing (being able to sing any piece of sheet music on pitch and in rhythm without having heard it first) using the Kodaly method of folk-songs, solfa, hand-signs, and movement. I teach this because sight-singing is such a useful skill for all musicians, and if my students transition to different instruments later this training will make learning the new instruments much easier.

My Credentials

  • I've been playing the piano for 16 years, and have studied piano performance at the University of Michigan.
  • I've taken several musicology courses at U of M and have sung in their Early Music Chorus.
  • I play the recorder and piano in a renaissance dance band, have directed an Early Muisc Choir for 4 years, and have led several early-music focused workshops.